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The people are what really make Rim Advertising successful. Our staff is known for their COMMITMENT to service along with their strategic and creative marketing abilities. Our emphasis is to provide our clients the best possible direction for the marketing programs through highly trained and schooled personnel.

Physical Location
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2048 Overland Ave. | Suite 201
Trolley Station | Billings, MT 59102
P: 406.656.0608 | F: 406.656.3257

Company History: {back to top}
RIM Advertising, Inc., was founded in 1978 in Billings, Montana by Donald Kuntz. Following a 15 year career in the broadcasting industry, Mr. Kuntz determined that while working with many of the retail businesses producing broadcast commercials, most of these businesses needed more than just one media. Many of the retailers had not developed a comprehensive marketing plan or made a determination as to whom their product should be marketed to. The desire to provide a comprehensive marketing program for each client that RIM Advertising, Inc. represents was developed in those early years.

Agency Philosophy:
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Successful marketing means more than good initial response numbers; it takes an investment of time and budget to truly make marketing work. We believe in establishing true client partnerships. We become an extension of your marketing department or group. We challenge every idea and look beyond the quick fix to develop effective communications. We ask a lot of questions, we take a lot of notes; we make it our business to understand your business. We accept responsibility and want you to hold us accountable for achieving results.

What Makes a Difference:
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We believe in serving every client as if they were our only client. We dedicate our resources to you entirely, providing you with concentrated, responsive service. We spend our time working with our clients as partners, not on marketing ourselves.

We are cost effective. RIM Advertising, Inc. does not have the substantial overhead often associated with larger agencies. We place a high degree of importance on quality assurance and attention to detail.

We are responsive. Whether it is a response to a simple question, a need to develop material based on market changes or a last minute schedule change, the team at RIM Advertising, Inc., will provide you with accurate, managed information and deliver on time. Rim Advertising, Inc. continually receives great reviews on responding to clients needs.

Our creative and strategy produce results. You have heard the saying; It isn't creative unless it sells or gets results. RIM Advertising, Inc. lives by these words every day. Through creative testing and constant analysis, as well as a diverse national client base, we can determine your company's return on your advertising dollars. We are honest and objective about strategy, but our creative really sells!

Don (Founder & President)
(Graphic Design)

Don Kuntz

Don KuntzHonest, loyal, straight to the point and determined are the words you'll hear clients say as they describe Don. Meet him for a cup of coffee and you'll have no doubt about putting your company's marketing in Don's capable hands.

Don is involved with the development of cost effective marketing concepts as well as assisting clients with market research and customer satisfaction surveys to help businesses determine how best to meet their clients needs. His experience and expertise has helped both national and local businesses improve their services and client relationships.

RIM Advertising, Inc., was founded in 1978 in Billings, Montana, by Don, following a 15-year career in the broadcasting industry.

A loving husband, father and grandfather, Don smiles with immense pride as he tells of the success of his family at the NILE (Northern International Livestock Exposition) each year. Not content to simply watch the NILE, Don can be found cleaning stalls, or helping with feeding, or walking cattle to the wash rack. Don is called by nature and immerses himself in fly-fishing, elk hunting, skiing, and helping with the family on their ranch whenever the opportunities arise. Working with wood, whether making furniture or kitchen cabinets, or fixing something, his wood shop provides a great relaxing hobby. Don is on the board at his church, leads Bible studies, and can always make time to listen.

Bonnie Kuntz
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Bonnie KuntzBonnie started as an assistant to Don Kuntz when he started Rim Advertising in 1978, and as clients were developed began to work as a media buyer, handle correspondence and do bookkeeping. As the agency grew, she moved full time into the bookkeeping position.

Her accounting degree has served Rim Advertising well. When she's not balancing books or working on billing, payroll, or accounts payable, she is helping the production team by proof reading. Her grown daughters have been heard to say they she taught them how to seal envelopes for direct mail pieces while they were still in their high chairs. She believes that a team effort is always the most efficient way to see a project completed.

Her other contribution to Rim Advertising is to see that every holiday or season of the year is represented by decorations for the walls and shelves and desks.

Wanda Rogers
Print Design
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Wanda RogersWanda brings over two decades of graphic design experience to Rim Advertising. She has graced print shops and newspapers with her polished skill at creating a professional look and feel to everything in print.

Beyond graphic design, Wanda's experience encompasses organizing and designing material for trade shows, making international travel arrangements, website design and advertising, and writing press releases. Wanda graduated from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with a B.A. Degree, double majoring in Visual Art and Graphic Communication.

Wanda is a mother of 4 children, 1 dog, 2 cats and multiple fish. She loves photography and is never without a camera. A single, intelligent, domestic goddess, Wanda has a perpetual green thumb when it comes to gardening. She also is an obsessive reader, closet writer, collector of rocks, lover of sunshine, yoga, hiking, camping, motorcycles, and anything outdoors.